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- Saturday, June 15th Team Intersquad meet at Kino 6:00am-9am (no other practice)
- Thursday, July 4th ONE practice available at Kino 1-2pm



Monthly dues = $85 at the time of registration and then on the 1st of each month going forward. Dues will be prorated and credited the following month (1/2 month dues) for new swimmers joining after the 15th of the month

Annual Registration Fee: $50 will be charged when new members join an then automatically charged to active accounts on January 1 each year (annual fee). Inactive members returning later in the year will be invoiced the fee at the time, provided it has not been paid for that calendar year.

Credit Card rate = 2.95% + $0.30 per transaction, ACH $1.25, check or cash no charge.

● In addition to above, all members must be registered with USMS for insurance purposes. Annual cost = $70 CLICK HERE for more info, our club is MMAC

● Members can take advantage of prepaying for their dues annually and receive a one month discount of $85 ($935) or bi-annualy and save $42.50 every 6 months ($467.50).

● To suspend or withdraw from the program, written notification must be given by the 25th of the month prior to being withdrawn from the billing system for the upcoming month invoice. Contact team admin Jessica Rudd at [email protected] for assistance. Note, members cannot suspend or cancel through the website, it must be done by the team admin

● There is a $10 late fee for accounts not paid in full by the 10th of each month. There is a $25 fee for returned checks and a $5 fee for credit cards or ACH that are declined.

Electronic Payment Procedure through Team Unify

The TeamUnify (Sportsengine) site will process secure online credit card and/or eCheck Bank processing to the billing system for our swim program.

Please maintain an active email address as this will be used for communications both for billing and other team functions. You may also input additional email addresses to receive regular communications. System billing alerts are only sent to accounts to Account/Username email addresses.

How your first automated system payment will work (after your initial online registration payment/first dues payment):
● Automatic payments through the Team Unify System post on the 1st of each month

● You can change your preferred payment method directly through your account portal at any time.

Log in at www.mesamasters.com
Note that the email address you registered online with is the primary email and User ID for logging in. To update this address, contact team admin Jessica Rudd at [email protected]
● Click on My Account
● Then Billing Summary to view invoices or change payment method
● Please take advantage of the video Tutorials once you log in > Help & Training