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Thursday (2/22) and Friday (2/23) Kino practices are moved to Mesa! There is a leak to be fixed at Kino! Skyline practices remain the same. 
- Friday, March 1st Skyline 5:15am practice canceled
- Saturday, March 2nd Skyline 8:45am canceled


Vitamins C AND E Seems To Provide Protection For Endurance Athletes' Airways Relatively low levels of ozone (<120micrograms/m3) can affect lung function in endurance athletes, making it more difficult to bring large volumes of air into thelungs (Respiratory Effects of Low-Level Photochemical Air Pollution in Amateur Cyclists," American Journal od Resp. Crit. Care Medicine, vol. 150, pp.962-996, 1994). As a result, exercise scientist have searched for years to find ways to minimize ozone-related respiratory problems in athletes. Ozone, also known as O3, is actually an unstable form of oxygen. If...

By G. John Mullen of SwimmingScience.net and CenterofOptimalRestoration.com, Swimming World correspondent SANTA CLARA, California, December 8. FOR those who missed part I, read it now! Also, if you closely followed part I, you're expecting a piece on health care professionals and coaches approach and view on shoulder injuries. This piece will be later in the multi-part series, but understanding the injury process comes first. Every active individual will be injured in their life. The more activity you perform, the more likely you will endure a musculoskeletal injury. This may scare...

December News!

Team....a reminder that membership renewal for USMS is taking place at this time! Please be sure to compete before the end of the year....and forward on your renewal information to us so we can update your profile! As a reminder, we register under Arizona for our "Club" and then select Mesa as our "workout group". In additon to the insurance coverage membership provides there are also a host of other benefits: U.S. Masters Swimming membership is composed of 50,000-plus members. U.S. Masters Swimming membership supports our mission of promoting adult...

From Active.com/Self Maybe you've heard the recent reports that exercise won't make us thin because it makes us hungry, particularly for junk food. Or maybe you've noticed firsthand that you eat a lot more on gym days than on days off. Either way, it raises the question: If working out only sets us up to blow our diet, what's the point? For starters, some research suggests exercise doesn't always cause hunger but can curb it. "Exercise may lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite in the short term,...

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