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- Saturday, June 15th Team Intersquad meet at Kino 6:00am-9am (no other practice)
- Thursday, July 4th ONE practice available at Kino 1-2pm


July News!

Yes, the May Newsletter is being posted really late. But better late than never!

April Fools! Okay, maybe not. But here is the newsletter!

No its not the November Newsletter, (my paws slipped on the keyboard, darn you auto-fill! ), its the link to sign up for the relays at National in a month. Swimming at Nationals? Want to participate in relays? Sign up here!

Team, just to clarify what the schedule will be starting NEXT week (3/28): - All morning and noon workouts at Kino are the same, evening workouts will be at Skyline from 6-7pm! - There will NOT be a Saturday (4/2) or Sunday (4/3) workout due to our state meet that weekend. We still need help especially with time on Friday afternoon (4-6pm) and Sunday (9-1pm)! Starting on April 4th here is the new schedule: - Kino: mornings all the same, no more Tuesday and Thursday noon workouts, Saturdays, the same...

Great article on Cool Down!

Click here for the initial results from the 2011 Sun Devil Masters Invite!!

Get your red hot (like cinnimon candy hearts) February Narwhal News here!

Get your red hot news here!

The MAC concessions team has put together a list of items that can be donated to help support MAC for the upcoming Region Championship. To see this list and sign up to help out please visit www.mysignup.com/machospitality. We ask that you sign up and bring items no later than Wednesday, December 8, 2010. Thank you so much for your support!!